Alida Ascari

Teacher of Lindy Hop

From the age of 3 years old Alida has been dancing Ballet, Contemporary and Modern Jazz. The dance is a real passion for her and it has follower her in all her life, with a lot of experience in workshops and teaching. When she discovered the Lindy Hop she couldn’t stop dancing and taking classes from different International Teachers and training hard in a lot of different dances like Jazz Steps, Charleston, Blues and Balboa. She loves the Social Dance and she think is one of the most important aspect of this dance.

Giulia Pascale

Teacher of Lindy Hop

Giulia has always been a great sport lover. In 2015, she approaches the Swing world and falls in love with this dance! Since she was a child, Giulia has travelled all around Italy. Then, when she moved to live in Genoa, Giulia started to look for something to enjoy. Being a poliedric person, Giulia spends her free time between an acting course and playing guitar, besides dancing. She loves precision and so clean and clear steps, but above all Giulia loves dancing.

Giulia Rutigliani

Teacher of Lindy Hop

Giulia starts dancing at the American elementary school, where every year she performes musical events and performances of every kind! Her dances range from hip hop to break-dance, passing through Latin-American dances, until she meets her true passion: the Lindy Hop! Since then, Giulia enrolled every courses such as Shag, Jazz-Steps, Balboa, Tip Tap and many others. Passionate about music, she's playing drum for two years with jazz, blues, rock. And of course, swing!

Ilaria La Monica

Teacher of Lindy Hop

Ilaria discovered the Lindy-Hop world when she was 17, the youngest of her mates, fascinated by the contagious joy of the dancers all around Genova. Music has always been the most important inspiration for Ilaria, since she was a child. From Pavia to Milan, from rock’n’roll to jazz, until this new discovery. Since then, the smile and the happiness haven’t abandoned Ilaria’s steps and dance. Her goal is to influence this great passion to everybody wants to be part of this fantastic World!

Kamile Pundziute

Teacher of Lindy Hop

Kamile is a real treat in Vilnius Lindy Hop community, keeping it swingin' since 2003. Whilst mainly focusing on the social side of Lindy, she has travelled many places in Europe teaching and spreading love for dancing. Her studies in body and movement awareness bring concepts of movement and following to a whole new level and is a base for her teaching. A knowledgeable approach coupled with an honest, joyful perspective of life is attractive for students. Positive experience guaranteed!

Mara Fossati

Teacher of Lindy Hop

Mara entered the Swing World in 2015, motivated by the contagious enthusiasm of the dancers' bounce and the rhythm of the music. Compulsive traveler, she has spent a year in Aix-en-Provence (Fr) where she took Lindy Hop, Balboa and Jazz Steps classes, all the while meeting dancers from around the world and assiduously attending all kinds of Swing dance nights. No matter whether she dances as follower or leader, her primary goal is to communicate passion and enthusiasm!

Maria T. Angoretto

Lindy Hop Teacher

She grew up surrounded by music: from her father’s vinyls and old turntables to her grandpa’s sax and her brother’s guitar. Music is under her skin, classical or heavy metal, she loves it the same way. When she finds out about Swing, Soul and Blues music she decides to take singing lessons, she was very good indeed, she also took part in some very important competitions and started a band with her friends.She tends to refer to herself as “omnivorous” musically speaking. Last but not least, she finds amazing working and cuddling her ears with Swing melodies.

Martyna Beinarytè

Teacher of Lindy Hop

La Martyna Beinarytė es una encantadora joya de Kaunas que disfruta cada momento en la pista de baile. A esta bailarina espontánea, artística y clásica le encanta mezclar movimientos tanto modernos como auténticos, por lo que cada baile tiene un estilo único. Como profesora, se centra en la técnica, el estilo y los ritmos, y aporta alegría a todas las clases que imparte. En resumen, a Martyna le encanta aprender y mejorar y compartir sus historias de baile!

Alberto Meucci

Lindy Hop Teacher

Alberto is one of Swingin ‘Genova's youngest dancers. He entered the world of Lindy Hop in February 2015 thanks to his sister's passion, and immediately distinguished himself for his strong attitude to dance, which has encouraged him to get even closer to this reality. Alberto took part in several workshops to refine the technique. You fill find him very often around Northern Italy during the Swing Nights: when it comes to spinning the followers he's always in the front row!

Lorenzo Taddei

Teacher of Lindy Hop


Marcos Agote

Teacher of Lindy Hop & Jazz Steps

Marcos is a profesional swing dancer, performer and choreographer, specializing in Lindy Hop and Jazz Roots.

Originally from Argentina he is now based in Genova, Italy. Spent ten years rolling and living in Germany, Romania, France and Spain before settling in Barcelona where he discovered swing dancing in January 2012. In the short time since, he has studied the dance intensely (16 hours of classes per week over the first year and half) and traveled around Europe pursuing his new-found passion for Lindy Hop, Jazz Roots and Tap.

He is already a well known personality at European events and has an impressive list of competition titles to his name. 

In late 2012 he became the President of the Barcelona’s Swing Association BCNswing and at the 2013 European Swing Dance Championships in London he was awarded the annual EuroStar Award, for Talent and Spirit.

Mattia Russolillo

Lindy Hop Teacher

As a child he was a boxing enthusiast, today he is a brilliant lindyhopper! His passion has led him to always look for every chance to dance and improve his style, attending various festivals all over Europe.

At swing parties there is no follower who doesn’t want to dance with him: his enthusiasm is contagious!

Petros Chrysovitsinos

Teacher of Lindy Hop

He was born in Greece where he grew up, the one and only who can dance sirtaki. He has always been interested in music, he started studying “the greek rhythm” and working as a Dj: from electronic to funk to hip hop music. When he moved to Genoa, he got into swing music and started dancing and attending classes with international teachers. Kind and meticulous, he is a crazy, foolish and passionate dancer!

Smiltys Andrikonis

Teacher of Lindy Hop, Jazz Steps, Blues, Shag & Showcase

Thanks to his parents, Smiltys had been familiar with jazz music since the day he was born! At the age of just 4 years old, he started acting in theatre, several years later playing saxophone and dancing contemporary dance became his hobbies as well. After graduating, Smiltys found out about Swing dances and since then, there was no turning back! Many classes, various competitions and international festivals later, he discovered that dynamics between the thrill of the competitions and the chill of the social dancing, is what motivates him to dance. Known for his technique, variety of uncommon move combinations and attention to the connection, Smiltys tries to inspire and enrich his students with the history, musicality and small details that matters the most!